Hunter Race – What is the Best Hunter Race For Alliance?

When rolling up a new Hunter in World of Warcraft there if often a good amount of hemming and hawing over which race to pick. Like everything in WoW there are pros and cons to each choice you make and it’s no different when picking the best Hunter race from the Alliance Faction.

Basically we’ve got three choices to consider: Dwarf, Night Elf and Draenei. Let’s take a look at which is the best option. When considering that your race choice will, obviously, also have an effect on your Hunter PvP effectiveness it’s a pretty important choice. Besides the inherent racial abilities of each consider that your starting areas will be different, some quests will be different and proximity to certain towns and destinations will vary.

Starting with the Night Elf you’ve got a few racial abilities that come in handy in the Battlegrounds. First off is Shadowmeld which is basically a form of stealth. This is only useable when your toon is standing still and the second you move you become visible again. Keep in mind that Rogues and the like can sniff you out while in Shadowmeld. This can be handy for defending nodes as it’s 안전토토사이트 a built in “Element of Surprise.” The other two racial abilities are Quickness, which drops the chance of being hit by attacks, and Nature Resistance which drops the chance that Nature spells will land on you…both good things in PvP.

Secondly consider the Draenei. True, they look pretty cool with the beard dreadlocky things and all but they also have some traits that are handy in PvP. The Gift of Narru is a HOT spell (heal over time) which comes in handy in all environments, not just PvP. Similar to the Night Elf the Draenei have a resistance trait for Shadow Spells which drops the chance you get hit by that spell line by a couple percent. Probably the most effective trait is their Heroic Presence which grants the Hunter and those around him a 1 percent boost in Hit Chance, which is nice.

Finally we come to the most popular race for Hunters the Dwarf. The majority if Alliance Hunters out there are running Dwarves for good reason. First off they have Stone Form. This ability allows the Hunter to remove all forms of poison, disease and bleeding type effects which is HUGE in PvP. There are more nasty spells flying around in PvP than you can keep track of and the ability to wipe them all off is a literal life saver. The second PvP friendly ability for the Dwarf Hunter is Gun Specialization which increases the Critical Strike chance by a point. More boom on your bang. These two abilities make the Dwarf a pretty clear and obvious choice for best hunter race on the Alliance side for many Hunters out there.

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