How to Maximize Your Profitability and Make Money Working Online

When someone first starts their online business to make money working online their expectations are usually very high. They read some information, put up a webpage or blog, write a few articles or posts and expect some sales right away. Although this can happen it doesn’t happen as often as we would like or it is not long lasting. The truth is that there is a process that needs to be followed to see consistent results and consistent sales. This article will provide some useful suggestions to help you succeed in your internet marketing business.

Salesman can often be the “hard selling” type. You know the ones – they are in your face the second they are in front of you and they don’t back off until you walk away superslot or they make a sale. Sometimes this approach works in internet marketing but remember that it is very easy for your prospective customers to “walk” away from you. All they have to do is click on their mouse and they leave your sales page! No pressure what so ever. So how do we keep them from running?

It is a fact in internet marketing that a prospective customer has to see your sales page 6 or 7 times before they will decide to purchase or not. That’s alot! If that is the case you shouldn’t expect everyone to buy your product the first time they see your site. To make money working online you have to drive consistent traffic to your webpages and keep your message in front of those same customers. Again, they have to see your message 6 or 7 times before they purchase.

How can you assure that you will get them to see your message or sales page so often? You have to build a list! When you build a list of subscribers you are building the foundation for a rock solid, sales generating business. As your list grows you can send each one of them emails on a regular basis through an autoresponder account. Sending out emails accomplishes a few things:

1. It allows you to build a relationship with each member of your list. They will get to know you and trust you. The more they trust you the better the chances they will purchase from you.

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