Is the Constant Ear Noise and Ear Buzzing Driving You Mad? 3 Tips to Silence Ear From Ringing

Often mistakenly identified as a disease or an ailment, tinnitus is actually a syndrome of an illness. People who suffer from it describe hearing something – a whirring or buzzing sound – inside their ear, despite the total absence of external noise. The severity of tinnitus differs from person to person; as such, while some barely notice it, others are extremely inconvenienced by it to the point that their psychological well-being suffers.

Is the constant ear noise and ear buzzing driving you mad? Here are 3 easy steps you can take to reduce the discomfort you feel. The easiest and most popular method used to drown out that irritating buzz is tinnitus masking. Conventionally, this is done with the use of a tinnitus masker – a device that produces sound likened to white noise that can cover up the phantom sounds Silencil you hear. A simpler and cheaper way of doing this, though, is by tuning in to a single radio station and setting its volume to normal whenever there is no perceptible outside noise. You will achieve the same effect as a masker for free.

Another way of silencing the constant ringing sound is through aromatherapy. There are instances when tinnitus occurs due to poor blood circulation; remedy this by choosing an essential oil that has been proven to reduce the noise, such as rosemary.

The third thing you can do to treat tinnitus is yoga, or any form of relaxation therapy. Studies have shown that tinnitus can likewise be stress-induced; in these cases, having a massage or meditating can not only calm your body, but can lessen the discomfort, too.

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