Meaningful Memorial Gifts – Special Angel Gifts to Give to Those Who Shared in Your Loved Ones Life

Angel gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one and/or provide a measure of comfort and support to those who are grieving. The list below will provide you with several different angel gifts (most under $7.00 each) that could be given out at memorial or funeral services as a token of remembrance to all those who shared in your loved ones life. We have also included several tips to consider before making such a purchase.

Angel Stones

Angel stones can be placed in your pocket, purse, wallet, etc… They can be used during prayer and meditation, or just to hold and rub to help bring about feelings of comfort, love, support and connection. One of the great features of these stones is that they can be laser engraved by your local engraver – allowing you to have a few special words placed on the stone (although they are absolutely beautiful even without being engraved).

*This item generally costs around $6.99 each, however quantity discounts are usually available.

Angel Magnets

Angel magnets come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles, each one conveying something different through either their sayings or gestures. They can be used to hold special sentiments (letters, pictures, drawings, etc…) on a refrigerator or filing cabinet, or can be placed anywhere magnetic as a reminder of your loved one and the comfort of the angels.


We would highly recommend AngelStar magnets, as the angel wings glisten in the light, making them even more beautiful! (They also have colorized magnets that do not have this effect).

*This item generally costs between $1.99 and 6.99 each.

Angel Ornaments

As with the angel magnets, there is a wide variety of angel ของชำร่วยงานศพl ornaments to choose from, and you’ll find that each one conveys something different by either the sentiments written or the gestures displayed. Because of the look of most angel ornaments, they’re not just for the holidays – they can be a positive source of remembrance all year round.


Again, we would suggest AngelStar, as the angel wings on their ornaments glisten in the light ,and most come individually “wrapped” in small organza bags – making them easier to hand out.

We would also suggest Willow Tree Ornaments – these ornaments come individually boxed and include an enclosed card with a unique, meaningful saying. These ornaments are a bit more expensive (usually around $8.99 each), and when purchasing in larger quantities may take up to 7 business days to ship out from your retailer.

*This item generally costs between $6.49 & $14.99

Magnetic Mini Angel Picture Frames

Placing small, special photos of your loved one in beautiful magnetic, miniature angel picture frames will make a wonderful and unique remembrance gift to keep for yourself and/or give to those who shared in your loved ones life.

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