Introduction to the Psychology of Ethics

It is unethical for a university professor to omit areas of research in a course he’s teaching because the research does not fit well with his orientation and does not support his theory. The professor’s behavior is likely to mislead students. A psychologist opening a mental health clinic in a rural area serving a Native American population would be well-advised to include medicine men from the tribe as consultants and mediators. A psychologist is ethically required to provide appropriate explanation of results after completing testing with a client.

It is unethical for a psychologist to routinely administer personality tests during the initial phase of a treatment relationship, as there must be a valid reason for testing. As a psychologist, you are asked by the attorney of a mother to evaluate the mother and her child; however Crimes against Humanity the child lives with the father, who is the custodial parent. In this case you should determine if the father knows about and has consented to the evaluation. A psychologist in a rural community is asked to treat a man with Agoraphobia. While the psychologist has treated other anxiety disorders, she has never treated Agoraphobia. In this case, she should treat the woman while making reasonable effort to obtain the competence required by using relevant research, training, consultation, or study.

If a person in an emergency situation presents to therapy for an issue the psychologist has no relevant experience working with, the psychologist should meet with the person but refer to a more qualified psychologist as soon as possible, or when the emergency has ended. During the third psychotherapy session with a client the psychologist realizes the client is the principal at his daughter’s school. In this instance, he should discuss the situation with the client and assess whether the dual relationship could be expected to result in client harm.

Psychologists who provide services over the internet must inform clients of the risks to privacy. In order for a graduate psychology program to require students to participate in psychotherapy it must: 1. Students are given the option of receiving therapy from psychologists who are not affiliated with their current program; 2. Faculty with evaluative authority must not provide the therapy; 3. the requirement must be clearly described in the program’s description. Malpractice refers to negligent failure, resulting in harm to the client, to meet the duty to a client that arises out of a professional relationship.

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