Tablet Computers: Why the Kindle Fire Is Not Just Another Ereader

Do you believe the new Kindle Fire is a tablet? There seems to be a misunderstanding whether the device is a tablet or just another ereader. This question came up once the rumors began about Amazon introducing another tablet and of course once it made its debut. There are some who refer to the device as an ereader and is considered a serious competitor to the Apple iPad. If that’s true, then shouldn’t it be known as a tablet?

If you compare the features of the Kindle Fire with the iPad 2, it is quite obvious they are not in the same league. Although, the new Kindle cannot be compared with the iPad’s features across the board, it does have some qualities that are either comparable or better than some of the tablet computers in the market including the iPad.

What’s interesting is that the size, hardware and software features may be different among the tablets, but the fact remains that most have the capability of being utilized as un curso de milagros mexico an ereader. This article will discuss why the Kindle Color should be taken seriously as a tablet computer.

Size doesn’t matter with these devices. One reason the new Kindle Color may be having a hard time gaining acceptance among tablets is its size. Most tablets are 10 or more inches in size. Ereaders are usually seven inches or smaller. It seems once the seven inch ereaders were re-designed with faster processors and an upgraded OS the name change to tablet became inevitable.

Tablet portability is important. The ability to carry a tablet in a purse or book bag is essential. Although, the ten inch tablet is larger, it is sometimes carried in its own carrying case or book bag because it is too large to be carried in a purse or even in one hand.

The tablet and ereader have the same connectivity capability. Tablets and ereaders can connect using 3G and/or WiFi. Connectivity is important depending on how you want to use your tablet. If you want always on internet access, then a 3G tablet is for you. However, if you can connect via your home network or other WiFi connections then 3G is not necessary. Plus, with 3G there’s a cost involved with your chosen data provider for access. The Kindle Fire is a WiFi only device. The Apple iPad gives you a choice of either WiFi or 3G or both.

What is a media consumption tablet? Ereaders are for reading eBooks, magazines, and newspapers and may allow audio listening, whereas some tablets take it a step further. Tablets offer the same, also includes the ability to watch video, movies, TV shows and music. The Amazon tablet is known as a media consumption tablet because of its close integration with Amazon. It is designed to make downloading and consumption of media content easier for the user.

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