Holiday Villas for Rent in Cyprus – A Paradise Apart

Cyprus is a stunning country blending its mystical ancient culture with the modern European society. Beautiful beaches are scattered along the Cyprus coastline and in the interior there are views of breath-taking mountainous peaks, abundant lemon groves and lush vineyards. You will also find historical stone villages such as the ancient ruins of the bygone civilization. The Island of Cyprus is also home to a variety of luxurious villas and other dwellings as we are about to find out.

Vinhomes Riverside villa to rent, furnished 4 bedrooms

The Pissouri villas are found on the southern part of the island. Pissouri is split into dual communities and the bay area is just a stones throw away from the village itself. On the whole it is a residential area of both wine producers and farmers. There are also excellent Cyprus villas for rent in this region.

The villas are right by the Pissouri beaches and have great access to the shops and supermarkets. You will also find a 5 star hotel as well as health spas which are very close to the Pissouri villas. The villas are situated among the vineyards and normally face the sea which allows great views. Water sporting activities are also on offer at the sea-bathing areas. Nearly all the villas have gardens with private pools as well as a dramatic hilly background thuê biệt thự Vinhomes Riverside.

The majority of Aiya Napa villas can be found in mainly residential areas and the well known Aiya Napa water park can be reached by car in just a couple of minutes. The Nissi beach is also quite close by and offers a large selection of water sports. And just a couple minutes down the road is the Aiya beach which is very popular for its turtles and variety of fish.

Should you be on the hunt for holiday villas for rent in Cyprus, this town has beautiful modern villas for rent with air con, modern kitchens, spacious lounges with fireplaces, adaptable beds for children, private pools, and the most amazing bedrooms. Located just a couple of minutes from the centre of the town, these villas offer the most amazing views of both the sea and hilly surrounding areas.

The villas in the Greek village of Agios Tychonas are found in a really peaceful and serene setting and are situated in a residential backdrop of the Limassol district. The environment is mainly village like but the amenities on offer are extremely modern and it’s very close to popular beach resorts.

The Limassol district is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, clean sandy beaches and its villages are rich in culture with lush vineyards and olive groves. The temperature is quite acceptable throughout the year, so if you do visit Cyprus you must experience the holiday rental villas and forget about the noisy city life.

The situation of the villas is perfect, right by the crystal clear sea, modern hotels with spa, pubs, golfing resorts and so many historical places such as castles and museums. Try and just mingle with the locals who are so warming and you might even pick up a bit of their language but you will learn their customs.

So I would like to emphasise that your time in Cyprus would be incomplete should you not stay in a rented villa somewhere on this exotic island. Tourists are really made to feel welcome on this paradise island with its vast culture and natural beauty. A definite must would be Agios Tychonas which is among the oldest of villages in the regions of Southern Cyprus. So go ahead and experience the holiday of a lifetime by renting a villa in Cyprus.

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