China Sourcing, Box Up The Products Before Buying Them

Chinese manufacturing companies have cropped up everywhere online, increasing the number of potential revenue streams for online traders but making the selection job more complex and time-consuming.

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So what steps can you take to reduce the time you spend sourcing and guarantee that you don’t lose the products that you want in a mountain of note paper?

One option you could consider is a 2.0 website designed to help people shop on the internet.

While it is primarily aimed at the end user market presents some pretty powerful functions that could benefit eBay traders and online shop vendors who do China sourcing, particularly when it comes to sourcing and marketing China’s silk road economic belt.

So what is boxedup anyway and what does it have to do with product sourcing?

Boxedup is an internet service which makes it easy for users to make lists of the things they want to get online. There is also a social element added in with users being able to see what each person wants and has, as well as making friends and sending messages.

Initially being formed as, before being changed to at the start of this year, the site’s ease of use and intuitive usability have made this website popular with the web 2.0 crowd who are more than interested in keeping everybody up to date about everything that is happening in their lives.

However, the program’s ability to easily lift pictures, the product location and product name off the website make it a potentially valuable tool for people sourcing Chinese products, especially as the person making the list can state how many, or how few, people see the lists.

Like any web 2.0 application designed for general use the program takes very little to install.

It simply requires you to sign up to the service, after which you will be taken to a page where you are given the option of downloading the buttons for Internet Explorer or dragging buttons up to your shortcut bar if you are using Firefox.

Once you have signed onto the service and installed the buttons you should have no problems adding products to your list.

After you install the buttons it might be wise to go into your account and ensure the list you will soon be creating is private as you wouldn’t want to inadvertently show a great product to a competitor.

When you find a product you just click on the ‘add to Boxedup’ button. The application will then scrape the website address, product photos and product name of the page and take you to another page where you enter in a description, some tags to remind you why you think you liked it and the products price.

Once this is done all you need to do is click the submit button and your product ideas will be stored in a list which will show you the price, the website it came from, a photo and a description at the touch of a button.

Another use Boxedup serves is that it could potentially play a powerful part in marketing promotion due to its function as a social networking site. Many of the sales users make is based on the choices that are being made by people with similar tastes to them.

This can be used by adding items you want to sell more of on the ‘things I want’ list and then adding it on your main website. This acts as a ‘staff recommendations’ box and increase the chance of customers purchasing one particular item. Your list can also be left online left as free targeted marketing towards people more likely to buy than regular netizines.

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