How to Put Employees First

“You make your customers your top priority and then you make your employees your top priority.” This is a great quote from Bob Proctor in his book “The Great Productive Trader”. Here are some ways that he believes it applies to organization building. Most often we put the customers or the bottom line first, but if we use this advice, we can elevate the employee relationship to a higher level.

When someone comes into your store or office and they need a product, you already know that you want to help them. It is your job as the retailer to let them know that you will go the extra mile to help them out. It is your responsibility as the company to treat each of your customers like the VIPs that they are. They are your customers and you should treat them like VIPs every time. If you never extend the customer’s special privileges to them, they will start looking for someone who will give them what they want puts employees first.

What is the one thing that customers hate? The answer is having to wait on a line at the register. The reason that customers do not like lines is that they have to wait their entire life to get to the front of the line. As an employee, your number one goal is to not have to deal with these types of customers. You must make sure that your entire staff is 100% behind your mission to help the customer.

We do not often think about the fact that customers are the most important asset of all companies. Customers are the lifeblood of any company. Without customers, there is no income. The key is knowing how to get your employees to work for you first. Make sure that your employees know that their actions directly affect your business.

If an employee does not follow the rules, then there are consequences to their actions. An example of this would be saying something to a customer that made them mad. If that customer was not happy with what the said employee did, they could be terminated. Asking questions to employees will allow you to see if they are doing things properly.

Customers do not want to deal with drudgery. Being pleasant and professional will always win over any customer’s heart. This is how you put employees first. You must always have a way for your customers to contact you. Make sure that you keep the phones numbers and addresses of your customers on hand. If your customers are satisfied with your service and products, then they will tell their friends and family about you.

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