Truck Bed Carpet Works Best Sometimes

Truck bed carpet is just one way to protect your pickup bed from damage. When you consider a carpet liner costs about half of what a spray on liner will set you back, it’s worth a look. Here’s where a carpet liner works best.

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1. Cushioning.

Certainly the strong point for carpet liners must be cushioning. That includes cushioning for cargo. For example, furniture hauling on a carpet bed mat makes for a low-stress project. The cushion cover might work for people too. If your projects call for moving around on your knees on the truck bed, carpet makes for the easiest way to handle that too spray in bedliner.

2. Protection.

Protection for truck beds means more than just scratch elimination, it must include dent-stopping too. Carpet liners offer dent protection, not as good as a rubber mat, but some protection. Stopping dents matter because dents are so much harder to repair than scratches are.

3. Skids.

Some bedliners, like plastic liners, are quite slippery. Sometimes that’s just what you want. But if you need cargo to stay put, a carpet liner may be just the way to make that happen. Carpet holds things where you put them and stops slides and slips.

4. Truck caps and tonneau covers.

The perfect place for carpet liners is under a tonneau cover or truck cap. Even though carpet is marine grade and can take the weather, the better place for carpet is under a cover. With either a tonneau or a cap over a carpet, you get a truck bed just about like a giant truck. It becomes very useful and well as projecting that luxury look and feel.

5. Cheap.

For a custom bed liner that has so many advantages, carpet liners are very cheap. At only about half the cost of a spray on liner, these are quite a bargain. Choose a full bed liner like the DualLiner brand or just get a simple mat to cover the bottom of the bed itself. Either way you go, these are quite the choice for frugal truck owners.

Truck bed carpet works very well for protecting cargo as well as protecting your pickup bed from damage. Not the best choice for really nasty hauling, it’s still tough enough for all weather use and easy to clean with a hose or pressure washer. It’s one of the cheaper choices if you want a full bed protection custom mat. It’s also very useful as an add on mat over a more expensive liner if you just choose a bottom-of-bed type mat.

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