Photography and Video Recording on the Nokia C5

True, the Nokia C5 is one of the more simple phones released by Nokia, but with this phone you get to enjoy more from photography and video recording. It comes with more than enough features to make you enjoy more from image capturing and video recording.

These days, it is a prerequisite for mobile phones to come with built in cameras. It gives us the luxury of capturing moments as they unfold wherever we may be. All you have to do is get the phone out of your pocket, and point and shoot.

The mobile phone comes with a camera that is sure to capture quality images and record quality videos. It comes with an integrated 3.2 megapixel camera. In addition it comes with full focus, auto focus, and an LED flash. You are sure to get quality images and videos with the phone youtube video mp4 downloader.

On a 3G network, you can enjoy download speeds of 10.2 mbps and upload speeds of 2 mbps. This means that you can share captured images easily on services like Vox, Flickr, and Ovi Share. Furthermore, you can add comments on them for all friends to see.

With the high speed internet capabilities of the Nokia C5, you get to easily stream videos on YouTube, or upload your own videos as soon as you record them. Feel free to watch funny, informative, or touching videos, or upload your masterpiece.

Not only does the phone allow you to capture images; it allows you to organize and edit them as well. Feel free to further enhance your captured images, organize them to prevent clutter, and view them in rich colors on the phone’s 2.2 inch display.

When it comes to video calls, the phone comes well equipped. The Nokia C5 comes with a secondary camera found on the front of the phone to make you enjoy video calls. This gives you the luxury of seeing whoever you are calling.

When it comes to video formats, the phone can playback formats such as mpeg4, h.264, h.263, avi, 3gpp, and mp4 file types. This simply means that you can enjoy videos of different formats on the phone whether by downloading or sharing.

As you can see, there are so many features to be enjoyed when it comes to images and videos. It has everything you will ever need. This means that the Nokia C5 is sure to make you enjoy photography and video recording.

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