Motivating Quotes and Sales Phrases – Are They Useful or Just Annoying?

Motivating quotes and sales phrases are thrown at us by speakers, trainers, and authors. Most sales people either ignore them or find them annoying and rarely does anyone gain anything beneficial from them. So are there any positive benefits that sales people and small business owners can gain from these quotes, motivating statements, phrases, and mantras.

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As a sales trainer and manager I’ve seen that on their own these sales and motivational quotes have no positive benefits. It’s only when you add some explanation on how to put the quote into action, and in what situations it can be used, that you can start to see their value and potential.

Take for example the phrase: Break out of your comfort zone

You can view this as a line made up for use by public speakers and trainers because they think it will motivate you to take actions that are uncomfortable, that challenge your boundaries, and are not in your usual sales repertoire. Obviously this one line on its own will never motivate you to step out of your comfort zone, and it may even annoy you that a trainer or speaker thinks it will motivational quotes.

Or, you could reframe your viewpoint of this motivating quote and see it as a reminder of a much bigger sales motivation technique. If you have never been trained on the technique you can have some fun by looking deeper into the meaning of the phrase and putting your own action plan together. If you have been trained effectively you would know that to make this quote work you need to have been shown how to use it, what it really means, which situations it will work in, and given direction for your actions.

Sales people who do learn how to Break Out of their Comfort Zone might for example now be willing to use a sales closing line that previously they thought was too strong and they were not comfortable using it. Taking this step does not come from hearing a one message or repeating a mantra.

So the next time a sales or motivation quote hits a nerve and you go to move on and ignore it, stop, think about it, and ask yourself is this one line phrase worth looking into. Is it just the small outer wrapping of a technique that can be opened up and used to increase your sales or grow your small business. Soon you will have built up your own internal library of quotes and related techniques that will benefit you. What you use to see as annoying quotes, or phrases unworthy of your time, will now be reminders tagged to great techniques that you will subconsciously activate and use at the right time.

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