Pocket Projector Makes Cinema Everywhere

As a very keen movie watcher, I believe that only cinemas present the fascination of movies completely because of the exceptionally large screen and marvelous acoustic effect. However, during week days, my desire to go to cinema and watch a movie always struggles with my exhaustion after a whole day’s work, mostly, my laziness wins; while on weekends, what I want to do is only to have a big rest at home so that things like going to cinema will be absolutely forgotten. For this reason, I have missed quite a few opportunities to enjoy gorgeous movies in the cinema until last month.

Several weeks ago, when surfing the Internet and looking at some novel gadget, I took notice of a type of portable projector. It is said that this kind of projector could give a projection screen of 5 to 50 inches and a high resolution which will command the visual effect of a cinema. Moreover, this is a portable projector of quite a small size. With the hope of taking a cinema to my home, I decided to order one and to have a try.

Soon I received my order. It is such a cool thing and not a bit like those traditional projectors. I could easily hold it in my hand like holding a mobile phone. In spite of the cute size, the little guy made me amazed at what it could do digital cinema.

I can lie on bed and point the thing straight up. In a dark room, I will have myself a huge, bright movie played on the ceiling.

Or I can park the projector on a little tripod – it comes with a tiny, screw-in tripod adapter – and plan a dorm-room Wii marathon onto my T-shirt.

Or I can place it on my airplane tray table and project onto the seat back in front of me. (Yes, I have tried it.) I got a dazzlingly bright, sharp, vivid video image, so that my immediate seatmates and I can all watch.

When the weather is fine in the evening, I will put the projector and some food on the lawn, sharing an open-air movie with my friends. Guess on what is the movie projected? A bed sheet, it really works. Some friends told me that my lawn is the best cinema they had ever experienced.

With the pretty marvelous projector, I obtained not only a home cinema but also the happiness of sharing the latest movies with my friends. That’s so sweet.

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