How Will You Write High School Research Papers?

A fit of fear most students start referring to free online sites or even paid sites where you can get written research papers according to a set format. They even offer references and a bibliography! But there’s no need to do that! Even though you may have very little skills to get your essay prepared well, you can learn the skills to write a good school paper well in a few weeks. But a few points you should try to remember are

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Write about something you are passionate about- you should remember that your professor wants you to write some thing fun about yourself and your interests. The best way to let others know about your passion is to write about it and then read it to everyone. So pick a subject that you are interested in and just write down your motivations for the subject. Personal motivations are always interesting for everyone

Write a strong thesis proposal- Writing good research proposals are like a guideline to what you want to put into your research paper. For example here are a few things you should consider putting into your research paper proposals,

1. Challenge a misconception: Use your paper to challenge reconvened and set idea. But prove your point by having the necessary proof to back it up. Pure conjecture will not do.

2. Find an unlikely connection: Use an existing concept and then link tit o a complete new and unrelated prospect like for example using “Animal social behavior to explain human crown politics!” It’s not necessary that you be able to prove it but finding links with references is pretty good too.

3. Re-establish a villain. Find historical bad guys you can defend! Try to present proof from the view point of your protagonist about why they did what they did. If you find this an interesting idea then do take a look at the essays written by the famed biologist Steven Jay Gould who excelled at writing about and promoting historical villains like Lamarck, Bishop Usher, Pope Urban VIII .Choose some one who was prominent in history at the time and who made one or two wrong decisions which led to their downfall. Avoid purely controversial characters like Hitler and Stalin whose defense might hurt feelings

4. Revisit historical geniuses with technology- for example, what would have yesteryear geniuses have done with an Apple Laptop? Or would Jane Austen have made a great Cinderella?

Your teacher may assign you the topic of your high school research paper. But for better grades you should do your research well. Avoid using the online free reference sites or essay writing services unless you are very sure at of the quality they offer.

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