A Natural Approach to High Blood Pressure

What is high blood pressure anyway? Blood pressure is measured with 2 measurements, the first being the systole, which is when your heart beats to pump blood through your body. The second measurement is called the diastole and is when the heart beats to stop the flow of blood. They are both measured in pounds of mercury (MMH).

High Blood Pressure and Strokes: How Are They Connected? | UPMC

As an example of how high blood pressure often causes symptoms, let’s assume for a moment that hypertension is caused by hypertension. What then can be done about it? Well… according to the medical community, what you really need is to lower your hypertension nhung mon an lam tang huyet ap. This is probably an accurate statement, but what about all the other potential causes of the condition?

Let’s assume that hypertension is really caused by some factor related to, say, heart disease – specifically, cardiac failure. Now, given that we already know what causes it, how can we lower it? Well… we could lower our intake of salt in our diet (which is almost certainly a leading cause of hypertension), and increase our consumption of foods rich in antioxidants (which help prevent the formation of blood clots, which is another cause of hypertension).

But how about other factors? For instance, did you know that eating too much fat can help lower your home blood pressure as well? Eat more fish, nuts, and legumes (especially the legumes – beans, chickpeas, and lentils) – they contain a wide range of nutrients that are good for your cardiovascular health. They also help lower your overall blood pressure.

You may not be aware of this, but most prescription hypertension medications are actually derived from plants! Some of the more popular prescription drugs used to treat hypertension are established plant chemicals. Of course, the major pharmaceutical companies want us to believe that prescription drugs are safe and effective, so they try to convince us that lowering salt intake will help lower our high blood pressure. However, studies have shown that lowering the amount of salt you take does not have any significant effect on your blood pressure. So, there is no benefit to using prescription drugs to lower your salt intake!

Clearly, there is a connection between high blood pressure and the type of diet you have, and the amount of salt you consume. To eliminate the problem, you’ll need to remove or reduce these factors from your diet. Fortunately, there are many completely natural supplements that can help you do this, without exposing you to any of the common or serious side effects associated with conventional medicines for high blood pressure.

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