British Politics: In Case, You Thought Only We, Were Crazy!

When the United Kingdom (UK), or Great Britain, voted for separating from the European Union (EU), in 2016/ 2017, much of the reason, for the eventual result (voting to leave), on this so – called, BREXIT, was a combination of factors, including being given some misleading information, to consider, and generating fear, and xenophobia (fear of foreigners), among potential voters. As in the United States, various regions voted differently, with London, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, predominantly voting against the proposal, and the more outlying areas, supporting the idea. Do you remember when Donald Trump, who proclaimed he believed they should adopt BREXIT, for security and economic reasons, arrived in Scotland, and told the Scotish people, he was proud, they voted to leave the EU (although, nearly two – thirds of the region, opposed it), it should have forewarned, us, this President, often proceeds unprepared, nor knowledgable of the ramifications. Ever since the vote, there has been an internal (as well as external discussion/ evaluation/ analysis), debate, on how to proceed, etc? This article will attempt to show, why this issue, indicates, America is not the only nation, with questionable judgment, and an unwillingness to consider ramifications.

Brexit done': How it happened and what's next? - ABC News

1. Potential ramifications: One of Scotland’s major industries, Scotch whisky production and distillation, is largely distributed with the European Union, and BREXIT, would make this more difficult, and economically, disadvantageous! Northern Ireland benefits from having open borders, with the rest of Ireland, and BREXIT could disrupt this, in an undesirable way. Many industries have announced, they will have to form different headquarters, and move out of London, to cities in the EU, for economic, and regulatory reasons. Obviously, this is why the vote in London, was opposed to it, and already, a ramification has been, major downturns in the London real estate market brexit millionaire reviews.

2. Fear, bias, prejudice, as factors: Just as, in the United States, President Trump’s message, rhetoric and vitriol, have appealed to his core supporters, and/ or, base, seemingly because fear, bias, and prejudice, are motivators, for certain people, these same appeals, brought out many Brits, who threw their support behind BREXIT.

3. Teresa May, and the challenge: Realizing, a hard – BREXIT, would have ramifications, Mrs. May, sought to negotiate, some sort of softer exit, and presented it, as EU, agreed to, to the members of Parliament. While many expected this to be controversial, they anticipated a close vote, but, Parliament, overwhelmingly, voted against her proposals. Then, on the next day, there was a Vote of Confidence, which considering the margin on the other vote, many believed would be, of, no – confidence, Parliament voted their confidence in their Prime Minister.

4. So, you think, only the US, is nuts?: Obviously, there is no monopoly on craziness, when it comes to world politics, and national politics. The politics of division, and hatred/ bias/ prejudice, continues presenting, its ugly head, here, and in the rest of the world.

We live in a crazy, dangerous world, where there is often, a fine – line, between true concerns/ needs/ priorities. safety issues, and excessive rhetoric, and vitriol, based on the politics of chaos, and division. Wake up, America, and protect our system of liberty, justice, and freedoms, for all!

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