Glasses and Contact Lenses Weaken Eye Sight

Eyes, like all other organs in the body will heal themselves, given a chance to do so. Glasses are like straight jackets they will not allow your eyes to improve themselves but do all the work for you weakening the eyes in the process. Why else are we given stronger lenses most of the time we visit an Optometrist?

Removing and keeping the glasses off will allow the eyes to adjust themselves. The longer we keep them off the more we will notice a constant fluctuation of eye sight. This is perfectly normal as healthy vision constantly fluctuates same as the bio-rhythm of our body. Every time glasses are removed we begin to access the ability to see more clearly. Every time glasses are put back on, vision will contract again.

Most people find that there are few activities where they need the full prescription strength lens as most prescriptions are based on worst case visual need. This is why when getting a new pair of glasses they may initially seem too strong and hurt the eyes. Your eyes will adjust by weakening themselves to be comfortable and eventually stronger lenses are needed. Wearing glasses can become a habit and the only way to get rid of them is to take them off and keep them off. To be able to  Visiclear do this we need to find ways to exist in our every day life and be safe without them.

Some people have been able to exchange their glasses for a pair of Pinholes. Pinholes are plastic lenses with lots of tiny holes in them. With Pinholes, the light particles focus onto the retina in a straight line without blur circles and produce a dramatic, immediate affect of relaxation.

Pinholes are suitable for short and long sight, astigmatism, old age sight, double vision, crossed eyes and people with cataracts. They can be used for reading small print and watching TV but are illegal to drive with.

The other option to keep glasses off is finding a Behavioral Optometrist who will reduce the lens strength a little at a time.

Eyes that have been in glasses for a long time will also benefit from physical exercise like eye stretches. Looking from near objects to distant objects rhythmically and repeatedly and soothing eye strain with palming.

To palm, rub hands together until they are hot and tingly, then cup hands and place them over your closed eyes. It is necessary to sit straight with a supported back and have elbows supported by a pillow. Focus on breathing slower and deeper and visualize as many familiar objects near and far as you can. Palming is most beneficial when listening to slow soothing music and relaxing the muscles in your body as much as possible.

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