Math Tutoring That Works

Is it the math tutor’s knowledge that makes their tutoring work for your child, or are there other factors that are critical too?

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Knowledge of math concepts is certainly important in order for a tutor to be effective. Offering instruction in advanced math courses like geometry, pre-algebra, algebra, algebra II and statistics is important. Mastery of the material is necessary when illustrating difficult mathematics concepts and terminology. For high school students, the tutor should use detailed explanations and provide practice examples, which will promote student understanding and success.

For a middle school student, a good math tutor must be able to teach pre-algebraic concepts, demonstrating fractions, decimal and percentages and conversions between all three cours particuliers maths. Ratios, proportions, factoring, and integers are also some of the many concepts that should be understood.

Ideally the tutor would have at least an undergraduate degree, with emphasis on mathematics. (Engineering or Science degrees often have solid math requirements). Prior experience in tutoring or in teaching is highly recommended when seeking out a math tutor.

Many academic studies have documented that students learn best when they have more attention to their individual needs. One-on-one learning can maximize the benefits of the math tutoring.

The best way of learning is through practice, practice, and more practice. You can accomplish this with homework assignments or supplemental work.

A Math tutor can often assist in preparing for specific standardized tests such as the SAT, or ACT, giving access to tests in the similar format as the standardized exams is helpful for Math and other subject areas.

But, equally important is the ability of the tutor to personally relate to and communicate with your child. The tutor must have a good personal relationship with their students, and mutual respect, in order to accurately determine the student’s learning style, their learning abilities, their attitudes toward learning, and whether or not there are psychological factors that may be affecting their learning.

Is the student a visual learner or an auditory learner? Is the student a fast learner or do they need repeat visits to a concept or the reading material? Do they enjoy learning new things or is it just a chore for them? Are there emotional or psychological factors going on in the student’s life that may be making it more difficult to study, focus, and learn?

How much does the student know already about the subject they need tutoring in? Assessment of middle and high school student strengths and weaknesses is important to structure a customized program for each student. If a tutor is working with your child for the long term, they should be trying to evaluate these factors as much as possible.

You may be able to find a tutor with a PHD in math, but if they can’t relate well to your child, their tutoring will not give you what you are looking for and what it should be. A tutor that is able to relate to and communicate with your child can dig a little deeper than one who is just smart in math. They can find out many of the answers to the above questions and their tutoring becomes much more effective.

If you’re looking for a good Math tutor in Naperville, Illinois, or the surrounding area, there are many choices available. Refer to the advice in this article to help you choose a quality tutor for your child.

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