Differences Between Land in the City and Rural Land

The influx of people moving from rural to urban areas keeps on increasing to this day. This form of displacement is also known as internal migration. Rural land is often viewed as more fertile and a waste while land in the city is limited. Yet people travel to settle in cities in the belief that they will be richer. Because of rising demand for land in cities and its scarcity, the price of land is more expensive then in rural regions.

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As more and more people move to cities in search of work and better standards of living, land becomes scarcer. Thus this accounts for the high price of land. In fact in many urban regions, land is practically non-existent. People live in skyscrapers or apartments. Ownership of land is limited in some States; for example wealthy businessmen have easier access to land in the following areas while normal people do not: New York, Paris, London, Shanghai and Johannesburg. Due to overpopulation in crowded cities, more buildings, and housing facilities have to be enacted. This decreases the availability of land. The price of land in the city is also due to its value being enhanced by being in the heart of business. The proximity to banks, hospitals, businesses and offices expand the price of land but paradoxically, this land seems to be perpetually limited despite its enormous financial value Miami Luxury Homes.

There is an attempt at resistance against loss of land entailed by development of cities; more land is being covered by buildings; annihilating the old and ancient ones. Side by side part of the historical aspect of this land in cities is also being forgotten. For example, in Shanghai, some people are still trying to prevent destruction of their land. Yet, these groups of people are simply stalling the inevitable, as they know that in the near future, all people in shanghai will live in apartments. This is why it is called a cityscape and not landscape, as land does not really exist anymore. Living in such an environment with only concrete, steel and buildings, man consequently becomes more mechanical, stressed and partially dehumanized. The absence of vast land in cities deprives the harmony that a huge area of empty land provides. Cities with restricted space for land and cultivation can become very oppressive. Cities need extreme planning and control. It is rigid and from an aerial view, a city is made up of geometric shapes. Picasso through cubism and angular shapes of human beings demonstrates the psychological harm inflicted upon people by living in an overly controlled space. This absence of land in cities is also severely criticized by Margaret Atwood in her poem entitled “the city Planners” where “the houses in pedantic rows” shows lack of warmth.

To counteract the disturbing effect upon the human mind, land must be used in an effective manner. Land is essential to instill serenity in people’s lives. To sustain the availability of land in cities, housing must be carefully planned so as to minimize use of land. Architects like Le Corbusier are required to maintain this balance between building and nature. In fact in many places, architects methodically plan the green space available in cities to create equilibrium between land and buildings. This is also called as landscaping which can be in forms of gardens or parks. In these places, people can relax by sitting and walking. This is land with its grass, flowers and plants help to alleviate the pollution prevalent in cities by sustain a cleaner atmosphere. Without these parks in cities the atmosphere would be highly polluted, even dangerous to health. These designed plots of land also enhance the aesthetic beauty of cities which is soothing to the mind.

Unlike cities, more vast land is available in rural regions. Hence land is extensively used in primary industry agriculture and farming. As rural areas are less densely populated the fertile land is appropriate to rear animals, grow vegetables and other crops. Thus, large scale agriculture helps in the economy of the country as the food can be exported. Agriculture is also diversified to obtain a variety of crops to meet people’s demands. The Green Revolution; that is bio-products are also possible today. Crops are grown without chemicals to ascertain safety to health and to preserve land. Yet, more essentially, rural land provides food which is a vital need for people. However, many people no longer prefer manual work and avoid employment in this industry. Following the land, through a sacred activity, is now avoided by people individual as well can and have already started growing their own crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and herbs. This helps in self-sufficiency and alleviating food crises

Forests and vast expanse of wild land are found in rural environment. As these spaces include wild life in terms of plants and animals, they are protected from destruction. This is to ensure survival of species and maintain balance in the eco-system. Land In forests is a ride source of wild life much required by human beings. Plants are used for herbal medicine having therapeutic use. The food chain is also possible through land. Animals depend on plants which in turn depend on soil and land. Although land is more fertile in luxuriant rural areas, human pollution and disturbance is gradually decreasing the productive aspect of land. Burning of forest for instance can have dramatic results damaging wild life and atmosphere.

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