Eating Organic – Why and How to Start

Why Eat Organic? The question should be, why not? I have been eating organic food for about three years now though I do cheat on occasion. I chose to switch after reading two books. The first was by Kevin Trudeau and the second by Jordan Rubin. Many of you have seen Trudeau on television promoting his books and may see him simply as a businessperson trying to make money. There are many skeptics who think that his Natural Cures book is a sham. I’m not going to lie when I state that I was slightly frustrated that the book was more of a reference tool. The book itself made me want to eat healthier but it referred to Internet websites and other books to answer many of my questions. I was discouraged when I visited Trudeau’s website to find that I would need to become a member to receive more information. I’m sure this is a great system for Trudeau to make millions and this might make him seem unreliable, not to mention, he certainly doesn’t have a background in health care. One thing I can say about Trudeau is that the concept of eating healthy and staying healthy simply by eating an organic version of all the food I eat now certainly sparked my interest. I was also pleased with the fact that he wasn’t afraid to tell the general public why the government benefits from offering us trash food like McDonald’s and Burger King. I was certainly convinced that eating organic was the way to go when I read Jordan Rubin’s story. He was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and cured himself after many unsuccessful bouts of hospital visits in and out of the U.S.

I decided to put what I learned to good use and started shopping at the neighborhood “health food store”. I dropped those extra pounds like nothing once I switched to organic food, mind you; this was after many months of diet attempts. There were times when I would just have salads only and the weight just seemed impossible to get rid of! What I didn’t know when I was gobbling down my salads is the fact that I was also gobbling down pesticides.

Plenty of people are aware that there are pesticides found in much of the produce at the grocery store but we don’t hear about anyone getting sick or dying from it, so we eat it. What some people do not know (like myself at the time) is that when you consume foods like these, the  Sonavel  toxins in your stomach start to build up and prevent your body from releasing waste, in turn making us gain unnecessary weight. I was beginning to cleanse my body and began to feel better than ever. I was happy that I was at my normal weight again and I noticed that once this weight was achieved, I stopped losing. I can maintain my weight even when I splurge on organic chocolate or other treats because they’re not stuffed with chemicals.

I tried to convince people to get onboard the organic wagon many times and was slightly unsuccessful. I continue to try to convince my mom but it isn’t taking. There is a huge misconception out there that organic food is like rabbit food but this is completely false! I’m on my way to convincing my best friend, but her husband is not interested and dinnertime can be a challenge when you need to make two separate meals. It can sometimes be difficult as a guest at someone’s home when they notice that you are eating very little food. Some may choose to poke fun at you simply because they don’t understand. For example I’ve attended gatherings where a friend or family member will say something like, “We made this food for the party, but you can’t eat it because only eat organic”. Sometimes I feel like a rebel when all I’ve been doing is making healthy food choices for my family and myself. I have officially decided to just keep it to myself for the most part, but no one can stop me from sharing my discovery with a general audience. I don’t intend to preach to anyone about what they should or shouldn’t do because I have been known to stray occasionally. My point is to let you know that you can look and feel great by simply switching to organic food and I want to spread the word because the differences I’ve seen in myself are so remarkable I hope that everyone can have the same experience.

I am no longer “lactose intolerant”. I couldn’t even look at a piece of cheese or glass of milk three years ago without getting sick and wasn’t interested in taking over-priced Lactaid pills every day to enjoy the foods I love. I basically stopped eating cheese and drinking milk- not a great idea. These stomachaches did not just happen when I consumed these products. I was a teacher working with children of special needs and was under a decent amount of stress so I attributed this as the reason for having an upset stomach every single day. It would start right after lunch and would last for at least a half hour, if not, for the whole afternoon. I would have an upset stomach when traveling because I was paranoid that my everyday stomachache would come back and I’d be trapped in the car or even worse- public transportation. The stomachaches got worse and I skipped many meals just to avoid being sick for the rest of the day. Little did I realize all I had to do is eat food that wasn’t toxic and eat more of it!

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