Samsung Oppo A53S – Features, Camera Comparisons, and Price

One of the hottest new flat screen TVs to hit the market today is the Samsung Oppo A 53″ TV. It’s got everything you could want from a television in size, screen size, and features. While it doesn’t have the wow factor of other brands like LG or Sony, it does everything that you would want out of an entertainment center TV. Let’s look at what the Samsung Oppo A 53″ has to offer.

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Samsung built this flat screen TV with the customer in mind. With an ultra fast 90-Hz refresh rate, you are able to watch movies, play video games, and keep up to date with the hottest social trends on one fluid and responsive screen. With a built-in depth sensor, you can even see the reflection of your favorite sports players in action on the bright plasma screen. Samsung built this television with an IP-to-VI connector, so you can hook up your headphones to get the high definition sound Oppo a53. With a Dazzle of Light cooling system, an IPod/DVD player, a built-in barbeque, and stunning slim design, the Oppo A53 gives you more than you bargained for.

You get a sharp viewing angle with the Samsung Oppo A53 and a rich, vibrant picture quality. The flat screen has a WLED backlighting system and an extremely clear and crisp image. You will love the fact that there is a built-in nightlight as well. With a high-performance high battery, this TV is ready to go any time you like.

The built-in memory card allows you to easily transfer data from your computer to the TV. The micro-SD slot accepts up to two hundred and fifty songs, sixty hours of recorded videos, up to four hundred and twenty images, and up to two thousand folders. The Samsung Oppo A53 gives you the ability to watch TV shows, movies, or play online video games without having to plug in your phone. The high-performance yet low voltage Samsung LCD TV will make your pulse race as it brings life to your living room.

This phone comes equipped with everything you need to stay entertained. With a bundled media player, the Samsung Oppo A53 is ready to turn your living room into your very own home theatre system. The quad-core processors, Adreno graphics, terabytes of memory, up to four thousand dollars’ worth of storage space, and four mega-pixels cameras will give you the best experience possible. The HTC Desire HD is also coming with similar features, but at a price point that makes it affordable to nearly everyone.

While the design of the A53 might put some off initially, the specs list is what really impresses. The phone comes with an eight megapixel Ultra Sensitive Camera, an f/2.2 lens, laser Auto Focus, a high-definition camera, USB connectivity, a Bluetooth scanner, and the ability to upload to a PC or an Apple iPad. The camera might be a little on the heavy side for some, but if you’re looking for professional pictures this is a great choice. The front-facing 6.2 megapixel camera should suffice for most people, though the rear-facing five megapixel sensor is sufficient for those who want to take a few pictures. In addition to the photo capability, the Oppo A53S has a fingerprint scanner, which means that your kids will never forget your precious fingertips again.

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