The Acne Treatment That Will Change Your Life

Acne Sucks. This is really the only thing that I and probably most of us can say about acne. Acne is a very common problem that affects millions of people all over the world. Every year billions of dollars are spent on creams, lotions, sprays, pills, medications and all kinds of other acne remedies/treatments.

The problem that most of us find with these different products is that they simply do not work, or work very minimally. The one biggest wish that anybody with acne has is to just find a product that will clear up their acne once and for all.

When it comes to acne treatment systems, Proactiv Solution has long since been one of the most popular choices, and has worked very well for a lot of people, however for those of us who have tried proactiv you more than likely know that it can cause your skin to feel  Derma Prime Plus really dry which can be pretty painful.

Well the solution to this problem has come out, and is quickly gaining a lot of popularity. IQ Derma which is a company that specializes in skin care products, has come out with Clear Remedy. A powerful yet gentle acne treatment system.

The Clear Remedy System consists of 3 products that work hand in hand to fight acne at the source, while keeping your skin moisturized and looking healthy. This system will not only clear up your acne but it will also fight to prevent new breakouts from happening.

IQ Derma’s Clear Remedy was put through a clinical test against the leading acne treatment system Proactiv Solution. The study gave conclusive results that Clear Remedy not only cleared up more acne in just 3 days than Proactiv but also kept the user’s skin hydrated and looking healthier.

This Clear Remedy system is a truly a remarkable advancement in the world of acne treatments, and because IQ Derma is so confident that this product will work for its customers, they are offering a 30 day trial of this amazing product.

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