Chunky Furniture – The Benefits of Filling Your Home With Solid Wood Furniture

Chunky furniture is fabulous to look at; with its clean lines and presence it gives an impression of strength to complement every type of home, whether contemporary or traditional. If made from the highest quality reclaimed hardwoods, it is strong and hardwearing enough to last several lifetimes.

Top quality reclaimed timbers are best as they can create pieces of great beauty and durability. Reclaimed teak wood is the ideal medium for such products including living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, where the texture and colouring of the wood makes each piece truly unique.

Chunky living room furniture

Chunky living room furniture is used on a daily basis; therefore it needs to be strong enough to withstand the inevitable wear and tear. Herein lies the real beauty of solid hardwood chunky furniture: not only will it stand the uses and misuses of daily life, it will actually look all the better for it. If you mark it, scratch it, or even if you manage to dent it, the piece will simply bear the marks and display them with pride for many years to come.

Being the hub of any home, the living room is where you tend to spend the majority of your time, with family or friends, watching TV or entertaining. It therefore makes sense to invest in good quality furnishings that beautify and enrich your surroundings. With an elegance and charm that is all their own, chunky hardwood furniture pieces like coffee tables, side tables and TV units, do just that, lending their innate beauty to a room set, regardless of your choice of decor.

Chunky dining room furniture

Chunky dining room furniture constructed of solid hardwood is strong, durable, robust and built to last. It is perhaps this last attribute that makes chunky furniture most desirable for the dining room. A dining table, sideboard or dresser, that has been passed down through the generations will carry the marks, scars, trophies and memories of countless special occasions. As the pieces become family heirlooms, these events can be looked back upon, with great fondness.

The dining table is the key piece within any dining room and it should be a conversation piece in its own right. With a beautifully constructed table, made from the  px7 primal flow reviews finest of reclaimed hardwoods, the conversation is sure to flow. And if the wine should flow too, no problem! Hardwoods especially Teak are particularly resilient to damage from liquids. Red wine spilt on a dark stained Teak table will only add to the character of the piece, creating yet another talking point.

A beautiful range of rustic reclaimed teak furniture in both traditional and contemporary designs is available as are matching sideboards, bookcases and display units to complete your look.

Chunky bedroom furniture

Chunky bedroom furniture creates the perfect environment in which to relax and unwind. The functionality, durability and reliability of the pieces lend to a feeling of stability, strength and security, feelings that are particularly important to have as we drift off or awaken from sleep.

The single most important furniture piece within any bedroom setting is of course, the bed itself. It is vital that this be as sturdy and supportive as possible. Our need to feel comfortable and safe as we sleep is primal and is an inbuilt protection mechanism that, despite thousands of years of evolution; we have not yet shaken off.

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