Finally a non-smoker 10 reasons to stop immediately

But your quality of life also improves immediately in other areas. We’ll show you 10 more reasons to stop smoking right now.

10 reasons to quit smoking

1. Your sense of smell and taste will improve

Yes, really! Just 48 hours after the last cigarette you will experience a completely new dimension of smell and taste much more intense again. As the Federal Ministry for Health Education (BZgA) writes, the taste buds flatten after a few years of smoking.

When you stop smoking, you quickly notice that everything suddenly tastes better. It can be that piece of chocolate that suddenly tastes like chocolate again, a fresh fruit or a breakfast roll with jam. Try it!

You will see: With the new sense of smell and taste, the appetite for delicious, healthy food also comes back.

2. You feel less stressed and more relaxed

It has been proven that heavy smokers release the stress hormone dopamine about 20 minutes after the last cigarette. The result: You feel stressed, your nerves are tense and you are no longer really balanced. Sometimes things are said that are not meant to be.

According to the BZgA, studies also show that nicotine consumption, especially in adolescents, can influence intellectual performance and shorten the attention span. Young smokers tended to behave more impulsively, which would also affect their performance in school and at work.

So as soon as you have managed to quit smoking, these bouts of stress will stop and you will become calmer and more relaxed. Those are beautiful prospects!

3. Your clothes don’t stink anymore

Speaking of the sense of smell: It’s no secret that cold smoke on clothes and in your hair smells anything but delicious. This has an end now. Finally, your fellow human beings will notice the delicately scented detergent, the flowery-fresh shampoo or your perfume again. Your environment will thank you.

4. You are sick less often

Have you also noticed that you often suffer from colds and actually cough and sneeze all the time? In fact, smokers are more prone to infections. According to the BZgA, your nasopharynx contains fewer “good bacteria”, which normally help to displace “bad” bacteria. In addition, the body of smokers reacts more strongly to pathogens than that of non-smokers rauchen aufhören.

As a result of this overreaction of the immune system, the lung tissue is attacked more strongly than would otherwise be the case. In addition, the constantly irritated mucous membranes are much more susceptible to coughing and runny nose. Once you become a non-smoker, that will improve too. You feel fitter and are sick less often.

5. Your smile will be more beautiful

Smokers are familiar with this: the teeth become discolored and the gums are attacked. The result: yellow teeth, dark gums, periodontitis – and bad breath. And in the worst case, the teeth will fall out at some point. It can really make you smile.

But as soon as you stop smoking, the discoloration will subside and you can finally smile carefree again.

6. You look younger

And while we’re at it: Your skin will also be more beautiful and smoother. Smokers’ skin often looks pale, gray, and wrinkled. According to the BZgA, this is due to the fact that blood circulation is poor and that free radicals attack and damage the cells. This in turn inhibits the formation of new collagen and elastin, which are responsible for a supple, smooth skin.

Once you stop smoking, that unhealthy, sallow hue will go away too. Your skin will be rosy, radiant, and smoother. Large bags under the eyes and sagging cheeks, as well as pimples and psoriasis, can also be reduced once you stop smoking.

7. You can save money

It’s a very simple calculation: If you smoke just four cigarettes a day, you will burn more than 400 euros a year. That is roughly the equivalent of a city trip on a long weekend, a short wellness holiday or the new sofa that you have wanted to treat yourself to for so long. Anyone who smokes a box a day even throws 1,300 euros out the window a year.

So when you quit smoking, you can finally start saving up on the things that you have wanted to indulge in for a long time. Reward yourself by collecting the money in a piggy bank and then slaughtering it at a specified time.

8. You have more time for other things

Try to work out how much time you spend each day standing somewhere in front of the door or on the balcony while life goes on elsewhere. Whether in the office, at home, with friends or family: you miss so much while standing in the cold and pulling on your cigarette. When you quit smoking, you have more time for your loved ones and the beautiful moments together.

9. Your colleagues will love you

It creates a bit of a bad mood at work when some colleagues keep saying goodbye and taking short smoking breaks. Because everyone else is not entitled to these break times and this creates the feeling that smokers work less than their non-smokers colleagues.

When you stop smoking, the climate in the office improves twice: on the one hand, after your smoking break, there is no longer an unpleasant smell of cold smoke everywhere and on the other hand, your colleagues feel less abandoned by you.

10. It finally works with the desire to have children

Smoking not only damages the lungs, heart and blood vessels, it also decreases fertility. This applies to both men and women. Because not only women lose fertility, also in men the blood flow in the genitals is reduced, which affects the potency. If you stop smoking, the baby may finally work out.

And everyone else can be happy too, because former smokers often experience orgasms more intensely as soon as they quit smoking.

Would you like to find out more?

You can get even more information about quitting smoking and becoming a non-smoker on the smoke-free page from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), which is aimed primarily at young people who want to know more about smoking and non-smoking. There you can find out everything that is important.

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