The Zen of Making Blogging a Habit

One often-experienced downside of maintaining a blog is when the “writer’s block” strikes. You sit there, dazed and staring at a blank sheet, or a monitor for that matter, and wondering how you will be able to snap out of that trance. Since blogging is best if updated regularly, one must develop winning habits to retain and maintain its online presence.

1. Specify your goal
Being focused on the direction of your blog keeps you from being sidetracked. Have a niche and list down topics that you want to write about in your blog. A smart goal is one that can be measured and time- bound so make sure to put a number on it. Define how many posts you would like to publish in a week or month. Or how many “likes” or “share” do you target for your blog? It can even include the number of words for your article. Set a deadline and schedule it into your editorial calendar. Quantifying your goal weeds out unnecessary effort on your part and helps you focus on the things that you want to accomplish for your blog.

2. Learn continuously 송파스웨디시
We live in an age where information travels and changes with a click of a mouse. What may work for today may not work tomorrow so you must continuously update yourself with what’s happening in the web. Read, study and keep up with the latest information and web tools that can bolster your blog activities. Take advantage of the articles, video tutorials and apps in the internet that makes a blogger’s life easy. Connect with other bloggers, network and join online forums to keep tab on what is broiling in the blogging community. Share and exchange useful ideas and information with other netizens, it’s an effective way to keep yourself posted with what’s new.

3. Write daily
Practice makes perfect. This wisdom still holds true up to now. Write anything from a single word to phrases or any other group of words that gives a thought. On any given time, you can string those words and phrases into a blog content. Aside from your life experiences, keep an interest on the things around you. Your surrounding is a treasure trove of ideas and images that can inspire you to write. Writing daily makes you a well maintained writing machine that works efficiently. Consider it as a bank account of ideas that you can deposit daily and withdraw from when needed. It is one sure way to overcome writers block, don’t you think?

4. Always keep a notebook and pen handy
Ideas can come in long thoughts or in a flicker. You may be stuck in traffic, waiting in the doctor’s office or eating in a restaurant and suddenly ideas, either in words or images pops in. That poster you just passed by, an article from a newspaper, or even a wisecrack from that funny friend can ignite your creative juices and set fire a myriad of ideas into your mind. Make sure your pen and notebook comes in handy for times like these. Even keep it at your bedside, who knows you might dream of something interesting to write about in your blog. So better place it where you can easily grab it before that gem of a thought fades.

5. Reward yourself for your blogging milestones
Any accomplishment deserves to be rewarded. Simple milestones like being noticed or featured by more popular blogs, great comments from your readers, or even accomplishing your weekly blog calendar. It doesn’t have to be pricey, just anything that can make you feel good or something that you wanted to do or have for a long time. Get a massage, dine out with friends or even alone, have a piece of that super moist chocolate cake, take a road trip, buy that gadget. The list can go on. Rewards serves as a motivation to do more and exceed what you have set for yourself and accomplish more and bigger milestones.

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