Homeschool Math Software That Works!

Many homeschool parents are looking for educational software that is effective and low priced. Homeschool math software is some of the most sought after homeschool software as math can be a real problem for most children to learn. Studies show that most parents who homeschool do not have the mathematical background necessary to teach children without the aid of teaching materials. Recent studies show that math educational software is working extremely well and kids are definitely catching on. This article is to help you know what the top home school math software on the market is.


MathTutor – This software is designed for kids in grades 6 through 12. This software has won several awards by many education institutions and has been very effective for kids go math grade 8. This software uses audio, visual, and game methods to hep kids memorize formulas and mathematical principles. The math that this software teaches includes; pre-algebra, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, SAT/ACT math, and business application math.

Mathematica Teacher’s Edition – This software is designed specifically for home schooled children. Homeschooling parent magazine says, “Mathematica Teacher’s edition has the answers for you, both literally and figuratively!” This software uses animated demos to help students learn problems and work through them with ease. Most homeschool parents agree that this is an excellent tool for homeschool patients.

Math U See – This math application is for grades K-12 to help children learn math in an easy and fun way. This software uses characters that are animated and have fun voices. The characters sing songs and reward children for getting the answer right. These activities are extremely fun for students as there are fun animated video sequences that show if they get an answer correct as well as teaching them mathematical principles.

There are many software packages out there, but the bottom line is that homeschool math software works! We have listed what many homeschool parents feel are the best, but do your research. If you have a child that loves video games, it would be advantageous to find a math software that feels like a video game to get the best results out of your child. If your child is young and loves Disney characters, try and find a math software that utilizes Disney characters to teach math. Remember that anything you can do to improve your child’s chances of success are worth it. So make sure to do your research and find a software package that will cater to their interests.

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