Why Can’t Johnnie Read?

When we look at the many problems in the educational systems today, do we ever ask the basic question, why can’t Johnnie read? With all our sophistication and technical know-how, why can’t Johnnie read? Is it because the people who are making https://argoprep.com/worksheet-sets/letter-tracing/ decisions concerning education are so removed from education that they have lost touch with children? Is it because parents don’t get involved enough with their children to make sure their children can read? Or is it because the schools are under so much pressure to pass the standardized tests that somebody forgot to take the time to teach Johnnie how to read?

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Whatever the reason, we are a country that needs to resolve the problem of why Johnnie can’t read or face the possibility of having a 50 percent illiterate rate. Can you imagine the United States of American with 50 percent of its people illiterate? While we are fighting in Washington trying to figure out how to educate our children, we are on the front line losing the education battle day by day.

We as a country have allowed people who have no experience, no interest, little know-how, and greed to make all the decisions about how to educate Johnnie. As you can see it hasn’t worked, and we as a country need to wake up and take our education systems back or be faced with Johnnie never learning how to read.

If we turn back the clock for several years, the education system in the United States was one of the top five educational systems in the world. What is the difference with our system? One major difference in the past, our educators made the decisions on educational matters, and all others stayed away from making decisions in the educational arena. Today educators make little if any decisions about educational matters, instead the politicians and business people make all the educational decisions in this country.

All the reform efforts that the politicians have started in this country have done nothing to help Johnnie learn how to read. Instead, our countries’ educational system is in disarray, and some people have made large sums of money “pimping” our system, and Johnnie still can’t read.

It doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure out how to teach Johnnie how to read. It just takes an educator. If this country went back to allowing educators the opportunity to make decisions about how to educate the children of the United States, we could once again be on top of the educational food chain. Reading scores would automatically go up, and our educational system would once again be on solid ground.

Also, we need to go back to making families responsible for their children and not taking all the parent rights away from them? We should allow our parents a chance to raise well-rounded children, and make them responsible. The choice is ours. We can continue to drown in bureaucracy or make the right decisions and put the people in charge who should be responsible. ” Johnnie wouldn’t only know how to read, he would know how to comprehend what he read.”

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