Casino Night at Work!

Want a cure for the common office party? How about a casino night? With a little bit of planning, your boring office can transform into a Las Vegas casino filled with glitz and glamour, if only for the evening. Now, running a casino night does require more work than the standard party, but your friends and your coworkers will have an amazing time; it’s well worth it.

What's the catch with online casinos?

It should be worth mentioning that it’s not a good idea to actually have gambling. Aside from being illegal, losing a lot of money would probably cause some attendees to have a not so good time. If you’re itching for some high-stakes action, don’t worry There are a few ways to make it exciting without anyone losing too much money. Before the party, pick up a bunch of prizes that people would enjoy winning. Depending on your party’s budget, good prize ideas include gift certificates to local restaurants, electronic gadgets or something fun like a coupon for a casual-dress day. We’ll get back to the prizes in a bit.

If you have the budget, you would do well to hire a local company that can provide equipment and staff for your party. Proper gaming tables and professional dealers go a long way adding to the fun and experience. Also, don’t forget to have plenty of drinks on hand for your thirsty gamblers. It shouldn’t be hard to find someone to play the role of a cocktail waitress for the night, just remember to tip well. It’s also a good idea to have a karaoke machine set up, so would-be lounge singers can take a break from gambling long enough to set the mood. (Luck be a Lady, Anyone?)

Now onto the gambling! When your coworkers arrive, everyone should get the same amount of chips. These chips will be the currency used for all of the games. A little research is necessary to figure out the exact amount and denomination of chips to hand out. This is based on the selection of games and the length of the party. Also, you should have more chips ready for gamblers who lose everything. (Have them donate $10 to a local charity to be able to get back in the game.

After everyone has had their fill of gambling, now it’s time for the prizes. Have everyone take the chips they won, and auction off each item starting with the least valuable and culminating in the most valuable, or “grand prize.” With everyone in a gambling mood, an auction is great fun, and will make winning prizes even more exciting.

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